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On the strategic location of HaLehi Street in B’nei Brak, near major arteries and a neighborhood with thousands of apartments, Reisdor is building 2 exclusive office towers and a large commercial center - one central address for customers and businesses in the area.
This quiet, pastoral strip of Yarkon Park provides businesspeople and office workers with a rare combination of bustling commerce together with quiet and tranquility in the heart of the Dan Region



HaLehi Street is enjoying an impressive boom in business and commercial development. Reisdor Towers, with the exclusive commercial center on the entrance level, will be the jewel in the crown of this strategic location.

Passersby from the adjacent residential neighborhood, with easy access to the towers, will contribute to the clientele that the businesses want to attract.

The network of roads and highways feeding into the area of the towers – Em-Hamoshavot, Highway 4, and Harling Bridge currently under construction – means you can get anywhere quickly and easily.

Harling Bridge will be 294 meters long and 50 meters wide and will pass over Netivei Ayalon East, with ramps connecting to HaLehi Street. The bridge will also serve bike riders, connecting B’nei Brak and Yarkon Park. According to the town plan scheme, the route of the light rail will pass through the middle of the bridge.



Reisdor Towers are situated at the forefront of business innovation and futurology in Israel

and offer a variety of advanced digital services that will provide all of your needs, such as:

Smart entry system with facial recognition automatic doors, the first robotic café in Israel, charging stations for electric cars in the parking garage, and a “smart office” model with a number of possibilities for remote management.



The elegant lobby, the swift, quiet elevators, the singular work spaces and attention to the smallest details reflect the thought and planning that went into the towers project, in order to bestow on you a perfect work experience.

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