Reisdor Avenue
Commercial center in Kiryat Gat


In the center of the flourishing community of Karmey Gat, Reisdor is building the largest, most impressive commercial center in the area. Situated on the main artery connecting the two parts of the neighborhood, Reisdor Center will cater to the needs of the thousands of residents living close by.
The center is definitely raising the bar regarding accessibility, mixed-use development and good planning, and will benefit the residents of Kiryat Gat and the entire area. It will also provide business owners a new opportunity to take part in the promising future of Karmey Gat.

Central location


Reisdor Avenue is being built in the best location in Karmey Gat, on the main artery connecting the two parts of the neighborhood.

What makes it even more perfect is its proximity to the central open public space where performances and conferences will be held. Reisdor Avenue is right on the main road, on which thousands of people travel daily, and very near the bus and train station.

Another advantage is the industrial park next to the new neighborhood. Spreading over 60,000 dunam, it provides jobs for close to 12,000 workers and will turn Reisdor Avenue into the most popular and most-frequented commercial center in the region.

Accessibility and convenience


Reisdor Avenue spreads over about 7000 sqm. The design is inviting and easily accessible – the buildings are arranged in a half-circle, with all the shops facing the main street. The street bisecting the center means maximum convenience and accessibility for visitors.

Visitors to Reisdor Avenue will enjoy an abundance of parking as well as green spaces surrounding the center for a fabulous shopping and leisure experience.


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